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Rooftop Prince

Drama Title: Rooftop Prince
Korean Title: 옥탑방 왕세자
Romanization Pronunciation: Oktab Bang Wangseja
Also Known As: Attic Prince
Chinese Name: 屋塔房王世子 / 阁楼王世子 / 閣樓上的王子 (Taiwan version)
Japanese Name: 屋根部屋のプリンス
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 21 March 2012 – 24 May 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM

Preceded By: Take Care of Us, Captain / Please, Captain
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Plot Summary / Synopsis

The men version of Thousand Years of Love. The drama tells the story of Lee Gak and his entourage accidentally traverse 300 years in time to the future after losing his beloved crown princess, to come to the 21st century Seoul and become a nobody staying on rooftop. In the present time, he encounters a girl, Hong Se Na, who looks exactly like the crown princess, and continues a harmonious union.


Micky Yoochun (박유천) as Lee Gak (이각) / Yong Tae Yong (용태용)
Choi Won Hong (최원홍) as Young Lee Gak (어린 왕세자)
Han Ji Min (한지민) as Park Ha (박하)
Jun Min Seo (전민서) as Young Joo Park Ha (어린 주박하) / Bu Yong (부용)
Jung Yoo Mi (정유미) as Hong Se Na (홍세나)
Kim So Hyun (김소현) as Young Joo Se Na (주세나) / Hwa Young (화용)
Lee Tae Sung (이태성) as Yong Tae Moo (용태무)
Lee Min Ho (이민호) as Song Man Bo (송만보)
Choi Woo Shik (최우식) as Do Chi San (도치산)
Jung Suk Won (정석원) as Woo Yong Sul (우용술)
Guzalya Saidahmadovna Tursunova (구잘 투르수노바) as Becky (베키)
Lee Moon Shik (이문식)
Park Jun Geum (박준금) as Yong Seol Hui (용설희)
Kim Ja Ok (김자옥) as Sun Gyung Sil
Kim Yong Gun (김용건)
Ban Hyo Jung (반효정) as Yeo Gil Nam
Kim Yoo Suk (김유석)
Lee Won Jong (이원종)
Kang Byul (강별) as Lady Mimi
Song Ok Sook (송옥숙) as Kong Man Ok
Ahn Seok-hwan (안석환)

Production Credits

Director: Shin Yoon Sub (신윤섭)
Screenwriter: Lee Hee Myung (이희명)

Synopsis by Summary

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

DateEpisodeNationwide (TNS)Seoul (TNS)Nationwide (AGB)Seoul (AGB)
21 March 201218.7 (17th)9.7 (16th)9.8 (15th)11.3 (12th)
15 March 2012212.0 (15th)14.0 (7th)10.5 (18th)11.7 (14th)
28 March 2012310.2 (13th)11.2 (8th)11.2 (10th)12.3 (9th)
29 March 2012411.112.811.4 (12th)12.7 (9th)
4 April 2012510.9 (12th)12.1 (7th)11.2 (10th)12.5 (7th)
5 April 2012614.0 (4th)16.0 (3rd)12.5 (8th)14.0 (6th)
12 April 2012712.1 (11th)13.5 (8th)12.5 (9th)14.2 (6th)
18 April 2012811.6 (8th)14.8 (4th)11.4 (8th)12.2 (7th)
19 April 2012911.8 (11th)13.7 (7th)12.0 (9th)13.4 (7th)
19 April 20121011.2 (15th)14.3 (6th)10.4 (13th)11.9 (10th)
25 April 20121111.6 (14th)13.0 (10th)10.6 (13th)11.4 (9th)
26 April 20121212.3 (9th)13.7 (5th)11.3 (9th)12.4 (9th)
2 May 20121311.5 (8th)14.1 (5th)10.3 (11th)11.1 (12th)
3 May 20121412.0 (7th)14.0 (6th)11.6 (9th)12.5 (9th)
9 May 20121511.4 (9th)13.2 (6th(11.6 (6th)13.0 (5th)
10 May 20121612.4 (5th)14.5 (4th)12.5 (5th)13.8 (5th)
16 May 20121713.8 (4th)16.1 (1st)11.8 (6th)12.7 (6th)
17 May 20121813.5 (7th)16.0 (5th)12.1 (6th)12.9 (7th)
23 May 20121915.1 (3rd)17.3 (3rd)12.8 (4th)13.8 (5th)
24 May 20122014.9 (4th)16.2 (4th)14.8 (3rd)15.7 (3rd)

Source: AGB Nielson and TNmS


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