10 Sincere Pure Beautiful Expressions of Soo Ae

The 10 different expressions of Korean actress Soo Ae have became a discussion topics.

The SBS drama “A Thousand Days’ Promise” has managed to record ratings of 14.6% of viewers after broadcast of just 2 episodes, with the popularity still rapidly increase.

In the drama, Soo Ae plays the role of Seo Yeon who has Alzheimer’s disease, and she has moved people’s hearts with her skillful acting. The fans have self-made and published the 10 different photos of Soo Ae, each with different expression, and the set of photos instantly becomes focus of discussion.

Soo Ae is spotted in different kind of poses and expressions in the photos. She is looking ahead holding a letter, looking at the notebook at a loss, biting her finger while thinking deeply and many other expressions that portray the situation of early stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

And, her innocent smile has also attracted the attention of men. She ignites pure innocent charm even when she is holding a champagne glass, making phone call or just lying on bed.

Producer Lee Woo-ram said, “Through the A Thousand Days’ Promise we can see various expressions and styles of Soo Ae. There is a lot more coming up in the drama, please look forward to them.”

On the other hand, the symptom of Soo Ae’s illness is getting worse, and how will the plot progress have been attracting people’s attentions.

Check out the 10 expressions of Soo Ae:

via TVDaily


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