5 Lovely Expressions of Soo Ae Move Men’s Heart

The cute expressions of Soo Ae in SBS Monday and Tuesday drama A Thousand Days’ Promise becomes a topic of discussion.

In a recent A Thousand Days’ Promise scent filmed at Seogwipo-si city of Jeju Island, Soo Ae was appearing wearing a white balloon lantern skirt. Especially she who sat on the chair and used her hands to support her chin, facing Kim Rae Won who held the camera and displaying 5 poses of smile, kiss and so on, showing her lovely beauty.

Many Japanese and Chinese stayed at the hotel during filming showed a lot of concern for Soo Ae. According to the hotel official, “After Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae filmed, a lot of people from domestic and overseas asked where is the venue one after another. Thanks to this drama, hope that after Secret Garden and Scent of a Woman, can bring more people to Jeju Island.”

Producer said, “This lovable post of Soo Ae moves a lot of viewers’ heart, whether it’s possible to see this kind of pose in the remaining broadcast period, please wait and see.”

The successor to A Thousand Days’ Drama is Salaryman.


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