The heroine is an orphan without parents, the hero is the prince of notable family. Although both of them love each other very much, but have to face the grieving separation. Because this man already has a fiancée. But at this time, the heroine is suffering from incurable Alzheimer’s disease. The story plot of SBS’s Monday and Tuesday TV series A Thousand Days’ Promise produced by screenwriter Kim Su Hyun is just like this, a very usual yet old-fashioned story.

However, viewers are obsessed with such a common plot. The drama takes the top position of the ratings chart for shows air on the same time slot since its first week of broadcast, and the recently completed sixth episode recorded the ratings of 17.2% and 19.7% in national and Seoul region respectively, according to AGB Nielson. The drama has a total of 20 episodes, and it’s a rare sight that the ratings have such as rapid upward trend as the drama hasn’t even aired one third of its episodes yet. On the online forums, there are non-stop praises that said, “This is a rare good drama recently.” Even among women there is a buzzword, when forget something momentary, then she will say “I am Soo Ae.” According to analysis, it’s “the power of Kim Soo Hyun” that led to this popularity.

1. Boldly omitted the process

Firstly Kim Soo Hyun let the male and female lead characters to entangle in love and separation, life and death, desire and duty, do not give them any chance of respite, continuing to inflict great pain, so that the tension of the drama keeps increasing. One representative example is the parting of male and female lead characters in the first episode. Screenwriter boldly omitted the process of which both of them gets into the relationship, and replace it with an episode of detailed description of emotional breakdown after the breakup. Always appears in the drama is variety of remembrance scenes and lines that let the people feels how much they’re in love. This technique immediately defeats the psychological line of defense of the viewers. Then, Kim Soo Hyun introduces the plot of heroine Lee Seo Yeon (Soo Ae) is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the hero Ji Hyung (Kim Rae Won) announces the dissolution of marriage, fiancée (Jung Yoo Mi) retches and other plots in one go.

2. Detailed and thorough psychological description

In the TV series with old-fashioned story, the writer transforms the characters in the drama into a real characters through detailed and throughly naked psychological description. Whether it is selfish man Park Ji Hyung who is obsessed with beauty of Seo Yeon’s body but couldn’t give up own rich background, or good woman Seo Yeon who gives herself to Ji Hyung whom she loves secretly for a long time but doesn’t know what to do due to self-esteem, they’re the characters built by childhood environment and abnormal love.

Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae

3. Plot development with rhythm

The writer is not impatient about the appearance of incurable Alzheimer’s disease. Seo Yeon forgot to switch off the fire before leaving to aunt’s hose, the phone was left at home but she wandered on the highway, and as the result has a quarrel with Ji Hyung and other scenes are something that everybody experienced. Kim Soo Hyun orderly arranged such incidents in the daily life, and then use the tragedy of “Alzheimer’s disease” that explains all this.

4. The classic lines unique to Kim Su Hyun

“The lines of Kim Soo Hyun” is also a factor to attract viewers. According to the evaluation, “go away, Alzheimer,” “from the day onwards, half of my day is occupied by the desire of wanting to hold you” and other continuous dialog lines which has the characteristics of straight play and classical language, has brought psychological satisfaction to general public who dares not to speak and timid in real life, like watching straight play with more intense as the feelings.

Of course, some will voice dissatisfaction with these merits. For example, “old-fashioned content,” “long and fast lines sounds uncomfortable,” and so on. Kim Su Hyun responded n Twitter, “If so difficult, then don’t watch drama of Kim Soo Hyun anymore,” n Xiuxian on Twitter to respond to “So difficult, do not see Jin Xiuxian drama,” and have also caused controversy.

But many people has pointed out that these criticisms are the circumstantial proof that “A Thousand Days’ Promise” has become a hot topic. TV critic Kong Hee Jung said, “The drama of Kim Soo Hyun will play out the process of a person feels the emotion and must make the choice detailedly and logically. This point is completely different from other soap opera.” He also pointed out, “The compact story plot, appropriate casting, and perfect refined lines are the reasons that drama of Kim Su Hyun can always bring sense of freshness to the people.”