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After releasing the drama OST The One and Only You on March 13th, 2012, the lead actor of MBC TV drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Kim Soo Hyun, is releasing new digital single “Another Way” (또 다른 길) the next day on March 14th, 2012.

“Another Way” is personal digital single of Kim Soo Hyun, and has nothing to do with The Moon Embracing the Sun. The released single album includes 4 editions of “Another Way,” allowing the fans to appreciate Kim Soo-hyun’s singing from a different perspective.

The release of the Another Way single has been labeled with “Secret Version” as the surprise for the fans.

The song title of Another Way has also been translated as “Different Path.”

Another Way

Another Way Single Track List

  1. Another Way (또 다른 길) – Kim Soo Hyun
  2. Another Way (Piano ver.) – Kim Soo Hyun
  3. Another Way (또 다른 길) – Instrumental
  4. Another Way (Piano ver.) – Instrumental

Listen to Another Way (또 다른 길) at YouTube, or the piano version at YouTube.

Another Way (또 다른 길) Lyric

긴하루 지나는 오늘도
또 하나의 바램들이 나를 깨우고
갇혀있었던 내 마음도 이젠 널 바라는데

때론 시련에 얼룩진내모습에 말없이 웃어준 니 얼굴
미치는 이 세상속에 니가 있어

또 다른 길에 서있는 이 순간도
너와 함께 할꺼라고
나에게 알려 울리는 심장소리

손에 내밀던 선물도 너의 눈물 기억처럼
서로 바라던 그 소원도 꿈에 늘 남겨둔채

때론 시련을 감추던 니 말투에
끝없이 아프던 나인데
눈을 떠 저 희망속에 다짐하며

또 다른 길에 서있는 이 순간도
너와 함께 할꺼라고
소리쳐 불러도 알수없는 나의 미래에

기다려 또 기다려온날들과 나의 세상속에
내딛는 한걸음 한걸음
나 살아온 그 이유로

헛된 미련에 얼룩진 내 기억도
오늘 단 하루를 살아도
기다린 그 시간속에 니가 있어

또다른 벽에 서있는 이 순간도
그저 넘어설 거라고
세상에 울려퍼지는 심장소리

Another Way (또 다른 길) Lyric Romanization

ginharu chinaneun oneuldo
tto hanaye barae-mdeu-ri nareul kka-eu-go
kadhyeoisseot-deon nae ma-eumdo ijen neol baraneunde

ttaeron shiryeone eollukjinnae-moseube ma-reobshi useojun ni eol-kul
michineun i sesangso-ge ni-ga isseo

tto dareun gi-re seoi-nneun i sunkando
neowah hamkke hal-kkeora-go
nae-ge allyeo u-llineun shimjangsori

sone nae-mildeon seon-muldo neoye nun-mul giyeokcheoreom
seoro baradeon geu sowondo kkume neul namkyeodun-chae

ttaeron shiryeoneul kamchudeon ni mal-tue
kkeu-teobshi apeudeon na-inde
nuneul tteo jeo hyimangso-ge dajimhamyeo

tto dareun gi-re seoi-nneun i sunkando
neowah hamkke hal-kkeora-go
sorichyeo bu-lleodo al-su-eom-neun naye mirae-ye

gidaryeo tto gidaryeo-onnaldeul-kwah naye sesangso-ge
naedinneun hankeo-reum hankeo-reum
na saraon geu iyuro

heot-dwehn miryeone eollukjin nae giyeokdo
oneul dan harureul sarado
kidarin geu shi-ganso-ge ni-ga isseo

ttodareun byeo-ge seoi-nneun i sunkando
keujeo neomeoseol keora-go
sesange u-llyeopeojineun shimjangsori

Another Way (또 다른 길) Lyric English Translation

After a long passing day, today is the same
Yet another hope wakes me up
My heart which was once locked is now wanting you

Sometimes at my look that is tainted with ordeals, you silently smile
There is you in this crazy world

At this moment that I stand on another way
Going to be with you
My heartbeat rings to let me know
In you

The gift on my hand is like the memories of your tears
Keep properly
The wishes that we desired always remain in my dream

Sometimes, because of tone that hides the ordeals
I and in endless pain
I open my eyes and make a pledge in the hope

At this moment that I stand on another way
Going to be with you
My future is unknown even I scream

In the days that I waiting and waiting for, with my world
Take step by step
The reason that I live for

Wasting time lingering on stained memories
Even if I live just for today
In the waiting time, only you

At this moment that I stand in front of another wall
Gonna jump over it
My heartbeat rings to tell the world
That melody