Baek Sung Hyun Put Aside Innocent Image in Bed Scene with Song Ji Hyun

In JTBC drama series “Queen Insoo“, when Baek Sung Hyun was playing the role of Crown Prince Uikyung (Prince Dowon), he staged a hot bed scene with T-ara member Ham Eunjung which triggered heated discussion among viewers and media.

In the upcoming episode, Baek Sung Hyun once gain shows off his strong and sturdy upper body, trying to overturn the innocent image of Prince Dowon with charming macho, challenging the vision and nerve of viewers.

It is worth noting that actress who gone to bed with King Seongjong is not Lady Yoon (Jeon Hye Bin), nor any other consort, but a friend of Lady Yoon whom she met when entering the palace as little court lady. The girl is played by Song Ji Hyeon.

According to the crew, this is only the beginning. In the future story, as King Seongjong is tired of Lady Yoon and other consorts who have strong sense of possession, so he will have sexual relation with a lot of women. Lady Yoon who has become the princess of Queen’s Palace is betrayed by friend of early years, and her husband whom was paired with her since childhood is fickle in affection, causing her severe jealousy to bound to erupt like a volcano, and thus take extreme and drastic measures to deal with her love ​​rivals.

In addition, the conflict between Queen Insoo (Chae Si Ra) and Lady Yoon is intensified. Yeonsan-gun who become the worst tyrant in Joseon Dyansty in future will be coming to the world.


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