Breaking Off Flowers – Lee (Yi) Kyu Bo (Rooftop Prince Poem)

In the 1st episode of Rooftop Prince, while crown prince (Park Yuchun) and younger sister of crown princess (Han Ji Min) take a scroll in the garden and enjoy the flower, crown prince recites a romantic poem, reflecting the sweet joyous of newly wedded in the harem.

The poem has the name of Breaking Off Flowers (절화행 / 折花行) and is written by Lee Kyu Bo (이규보 / 李奎报), a famous poet during Goryeo Dynasty who lived from 1169 to 1241.

The title of the song has also been translated as Song of Plucking Flower (꽃꺾는 노래).

Here’s the poem of Breaking Off Flowers in its entirety:

牡丹含露眞珠顆 (모란함로진주과)
美人折得窓前過 (미인절득창전과)
含笑問檀郞 (함소문단랑)
花强妾貌强 (화강첩모강)
檀郞故相戱 (단랑고상희)
强道花枝好 (강도화지호)
美人妬花勝 (미인투화승)
踏破花枝道 (답파화지도)
花若勝於妾 (화약승어첩)
今宵花同宿 (금소화동숙)

The literal translation of the Breaking Off Flowers poem as below:

The peony blossoms hold dew, like grains of pearl
The beautiful lady breaks off and picks the blossom, and passes before a window
Holding onto a smile, she asks her husband
Is the flower prettier or is my countenance prettier
The husband teases her on purpose, saying
For prettiness, I would say, the flower and its stem would win
The beautiful lady became jealous at the winning of flower
Stepping and destroying the flower with its stem, saying
If the flower is prettier than concubine
Tonight, sleep together with the flower





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