Han Ga In was selected as the spokeswoman for advertisement of soju with the brand name of “Wol” (Moon) as she was playing the role of “Wol” in TV series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun“.

Recently, Han Ga In was selected as the exclusive spokeswoman for “Wol” brand of soju launched by Bohae Brewery, and has since completed the shooting of CF.

This is the first time Han Ga In endored a soju brand since debut. In the MBC’s “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” which concluded in March, the healing and consoling image of female shaman Wol demonstrated when expel the bad luck of the king is identical with the ‘healing’ concept of the endorsed product, and hence she was selected as the spokeswoman.

In the photos, Han Ga In dressed in feminine clothing, and make the postures as if inviting everyone to toast together. The look of her is very beautiful, by just looking at the photos, there’s no harm even if the snack is absent.

An official of Bohae Brewery publicity department said, “Han Ga In perfectly interpreted the psychology of woman in her thirties who possessed mature temperament, and this is also consistent with the image of soju on ‘communication’ where tasting soju and chatting about life.”

via Joongang Daily