Chun Jung Myung is the Energy Source on Filming Set

“Innocent man” Chun Jung Myung transformed into “Chaebol man.”

The cute photos of Chun Jung Myung lighted up with pleasure on the filming set while holding ten thousand won banknotes been made public.

Chun Jung Myung who plays the role of slick Kim Young Kwang in KBS 2TV’s Glory Jane has demonstrated his acting skill accumulated during the time.

In particular, he performed 100% for the role of innocent Kim Young Kwang, and has shown the unique cuteness during rest time or when waiting for filming to start.

During filming, Chun Jung Myung held ten thousand won banknotes with hands and showed a lovely pose, then faced the camera and smiled. And Chun Jung Myung who likes to use digital camera to photograph also took up camera to shoot on the set during the gap while filming.

Producer said, “Chun Jung Myung is the biggest energy factor on the filming venue.”


2 responses to “Chun Jung Myung is the Energy Source on Filming Set”

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  2. liliana Avatar

    love his cuteness…love his acting especially when he angry & make noise like : “aishh.., aiggoo..”
    i start to like him when his role in playing drama “What’s Up Fox?”
    keep acting & innovated ~ <3 <3 Chun Jung Myung oppaa… b^o^d

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