Chung Jung Myung Fighting Spirit Acting Tugs Heartstrings

The acting of actor Chun Jung Myung and the fighting spirit that he put into drama helped the drama series to shine.

In the last episode of KBS2 TV’s Wednesday and Thursday drama series Glory Jane (Young Love Jae In) broadcast of December 28th, 2011, Chun Jung Myung selflessly dashes ahead without regard to his own safety for justice, and thens return to baseball field as Kim Young-gwang player.

In this drama, Chung Jung Myung is getting the support of viewers through another image. Especially his burning passion of efforts toward the dream and warm charm of struggling with evil, struck a chord with viewers.

In the day’s episode, he was a person who was kidnapped and assaulted. In order to arrest the bad guys, the appearance of bloody fight and unconsciousness gained he sense of identity with the audience, seizing audience’s heart.

In addition, for his dream as baseball player, Chun Jung Myung put in continuous efforts and commitment, and exuded extraordinary charisma on the baseball field, leaving a deep impression.

Besides, he gains the full support of femela viewers with his role in the poignant love story that hides his feeling towards Yoon Jae In (played by Park Min Young) due to misunderstand as half-sibling. He fully displays the charm of sacrificing for beloved woman, and face of innocent man.

The comeback with home run let the team won the competition, the sweet marriage proposal to Yoon Jae In confirms the love. Such as Chun Jung Myung, at times sincere, at times unexpected, his series acting in the drama with passion and will is the main contributor that allowed the drama to shine.

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