The ending of Soo Ae is death?

The script of last episode of SBS’s A Thousand Days’ Promise has been ready. It’s reported that screenplay writer Kim Soo Hyun finally decided to let the heroine passed away after much agony.

Taking into account the situation of constantly worsening condition of Soo Ae who is suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia in the drama, the passing of her leaving behind family members is a very reasonable conclusion.

Netizens used to propose various speculations on the scenario of grand finale, including “Soo Ae commits suicde” and “Kim Rae Won commits suicide” and so on.

On a Internet bulletin board, there used to be netizen who posted that Soo Ae looks at Kim Rae Won by her side, but she can’t remember anything, and feels very pessimistic. Based on this the netizen proposed the speculation that Soo Ae will commit suicide, and gained the support of many viewers.

However, Soo Ae has been pregnant with Kim Rae Won’s child, and decided to give birth to the child. Under this situation, if the final ending of Soo Ae is suicde, will undoubtedly bring a huge impact to the plot, causing the staff crews to plunge into distress.

Relevant personnel said, “Although the ending may be changed again,” but also said, “Writer Kim is a very meticulous and perfectionist person, she always maintains a high degree of vigilance against changing the script at a short notice and other behaviors that may damage the degree of completeness of the project. Most writers will upload the script to the Internet and etc., but author Kim will only take out the script after it’s completed, so even if the ending is changed, it won’t be major change.”

On the other hand, in the episode 16 of “A Thousand Days’ Promise” broadcast on December 6th, 2011, the aunt who just knew that Soo Ae is suffering from dementia fainted, and sharp quarrel broke out between Lee Mi Sook and Kim Hae Sook. The rating also surged to 16.9%, causing people to curious about the development of the plot.

via Joongang Daily