CNBlue member Kang Min Hyuk appears in KBS2TV weekend drama You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly (My Husband Got a Family), captivating the hearts and minds of many female fans by virtue of attractive charm.

Kang Min Hyuk is playing the role of Cha Se Kwang in the drama, who is from prestigious university, and is superior in appearance, height, fashion and love technique. After the broadcast of the drama, he went on to become the hot topic and keyword for major search portal.

In the drama, Cha Se Gwang firmly grasps the dominant rights in relationship of man and woman, touching the hearts with strong charm. He catches one’s eyes even if sitting idly, and is the favorite of female students in campus.

Kang Min Hyun debuted in the drama from episode 7, and his love line has gradually become one of the main line of the drama, adding a lot of bright spots for the drama.

via TVDaily