In the drama The King 2 Hearts, Lee Seung Gi displayed flashing acting skills even in unexpected minor part.

In episode 4 broadcast on March 29th, 2012, the acting of Lee Seung Gi was brought into play to the extreme.

Lee Seung Gi perfectly interpreted even very minor part with very fine acting skills.

In the episode, when Kim Hang Ah wants to bring them to leave North Korea, Lee Jae Ha brings along Eun Si Kyung to go washroom. When washing hand, Lee Jae Ha showed extreme nervous and tension.

In this section, there is several seconds of sound of exhaling. Even if during the broadcast there in no exhaling sound, it’s not ignored. Only with the delicate and series acting of Lee Seung Gi can give birth to scene that left deep impression, even if the scene is short.

Lee Seung Gi is a smart star. No matter which field he is challenging, be it acting, singing, or entertainment, he can produce meaningful result in success. At the same time, Lee Seung Gi is also an actor with desire, does not generally skip any scene.

Because of his status as singer-turned-actor, Lee Seung Gi more or less have also received a lot of preconceived comments along the way. But through The King 2hearts,’ he eliminates these preconceived opinions towards him.

The acting of Lee Seung Gi which shines even during a short scene gives sense of reality to the drama which has distinct theme. And the delicate acting of Lee Seung Gi is the reason audience stay tuned to MBC.

via Nate