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Diseases Flood TV Screen as Korean Dramas Delibrately Seek New Idea

According to report of Korea’s Asia Economic Times, a man just about to enter a bright and gorgeous decorated new product launch venue, but suddenly his illness strikes. The man ran hastily to the toilet, locked the door, sit on the toilet lid, grabbed the hair, seemed like extremely painful. The man constantly said to himself, “No, now absolutely cannot!” But this did not help. The man repeatedly twisted the neck, whole body had been soaked in sweat. This is the scene from KBS’s Wednesday and Thursday drama series “Glory Jane,” played by Lee Jang Woo who acted in the role of Seo In Woo that is suffered from panic disorder, coupled with depression and tic disorder, the expression of the illness is extremely complex.

Speaking of tragic Korean drama, many people will inevitably think of suffering from leukemia, cancer and other more old-fashioned plot. The recent Korean dramas are in the pursuit of breakthrough in creativity, various rare diseases that most people have unheard of take their turns to go on stage, in which, a variety of disorders become popular choice. In fact, before “Glory Jane,” the third-generation chaebol Cha Ji Hun (played by Ji Sung) in Protect the Boss that ended its broadcast in September is also suffered from panic disorder. Cha Ji Hun who looks dissipated and unrestrained is actually suffering for the torture of panic disorder because of a heartache deep inside his heart. In 2008’s “Golden Bride,” the lead character Kang Jun Woo played by Song Chang Ui also suffered from panic disorder. The “Secret Garden” that was very popular also set the Kim Joo Won played by Hyun Bin to have claustrophobia, where he will feel anxious when confined to narrow space, and can even have respiratory disorders. The scene where Hyun Bin was trapped in the elevator and triggered the illness was named as one of the classic scenes of “Secret Garden.” These dramas have one thing in common, that is the female lead character helps the male lead character with love to escape from the hand of disease and live a quiet life.

In addition, Alzheimer’s disease that makes people gradually lose the memory has become a hot topic recently, due to the fantastic performance of Soo Ae in the recent popular drama series A Thousand Days’ Promise. The 2004 movie “A Moment to Remember” starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo-sung had also earned a lot of tears of viewers. Now, Son Ye Jin who had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in the drama is shifted to Soo Ae. The beautiful girl who finally breaks out of poverty thinks that she can live on easy days in future, but unfortunate hits again, at the age of flower blooming, but memory is gradually losing, until death. This undoubtedly is the plot setting that heart wrenching the most for the viewers, has a fatal attraction that is irresistible.

Traffic accidents can be said as one of the most common plot in Korean drama. One day, without warning, sudden accident causes a person to become in vegetative state or pushes to the death. In Glory Jane, there has been three traffic accidents, killing two peoples, while one person lost consciousness. If there is no addition of panic disorder, tic disorder and other “new elements,” the drama will certainly be accused of boring and old-fashioned. Like this, accidents, cancer, and so on is no longer strong enough tricks for Korean drama.

In addition, from the more common sleepwalking to narcolepsy, to moyamoya disease that most people never listen before have also been shown in drama series before, the setting for the disease is variety. In this regard, many viewers express concern. Naturally some viewers will be curious to the illness in the drama, which helps to ensure favorable ratings, but there is also some viewers who concern about creation of unnecessary anxiety and groundless suspicion on their own health conditions, thereby affecting the normal life.


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