Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 14

After Hae Sung suggested to JB to break up, she turns away and leaves. JB chases after her. JB involves in accident as he wanted to cross the road in order to grab Hae Sung, and was hit by the car approaching at high speed.

Because of the injury, the life of JB with singer career becomes difficult. However, JB comforts Hae Sung that he is fine and don’t worry of him.

Rian blames Hae Sung for the accident, and asks her not to appear in front of JB anymore.

Hae Sung who is feeling guilty does not visit JB in the hospital ward.

Looking at such a Hae Sung, Yoo Jin is sadden. He could no longer bear to continue see Hae Sung at this state. Although he has confessed to Hae Sung, but he still helps to arrange for JB and Hae Sung to meet.

In the last mission, Hae Sung asks Rian to sing that song composed by her.