Synopsis Summary for Dream High 2 Episode 16 (Final Episode)

The final winner Rian gives up the solo career. Instead, she joins other kids to perform the activities as Super Idol, and achieves great success.

They graduate without incident. 3 years later, they declare the dissolution of the group, and each of them goes on to do different things.

Yoo Jin who becomes the teacher Kirin Arts High School produces a joint concert between graduates and the students, where the news is picked up by the media. Because of this, all of the friends gather together, and the script written by Hae Sung begins to be made into a musical.


  • Anafadlinas

    What happen with JB? is hae sung and JB together?

  • Amanda85

    *spoliers PLease*!!!!! Did JB follow afterall….and become an american idol.

    • Alicia Yu

       no, when he tried, he fell and again injured his leg

  • Nadyachoi97

    I Want JB and Rian together ..!

    • amy

      And i want HB ang HS together ,so what can we do. And it’s just a drama and worst than the first season. So get over it.

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  • park ji yeon

    i want rain and yoo jin together :)!!!

  • Ji Young

    Rian ♥

  • jjcpftw

    me want lyan with JB<3

  • The ending is really unsatisfying in terms of couple shipping :( no scenes or reassurance of anything except when Haesung showed that she still kept her chopsticks. Other than that, I was disappointed .. wanted a JB and hyesung scene :(

  • eac03e

    The last episode was basically a train wreck. It had nothing to add to the story at all. It was like the writers just decided to bail at episode 13. It was getting really cute for a while there. It would have been much more interesting if they had brought up the romances with more contention sooner. Joo Jin never made a play at all….seriously?!!! (although I am a JB HS shipper) What happened here? The JJ audition scene…STOOOOOPID, very immature. HS went from not being able to read music (even though she had been at a music school for almost 3 years) to being a great sognwriter/composer in a few months…enough to go to Berkely Music…whatever you say….

    • whirlypop

      she was smart to begin with. she was at the top of her class actually, excluding the skills subjects. lol

      • Yuniepuf

        How can you expect someone who can’t even read music to write it?

  • Jenny

    Do any of u guys know wat yeon joo said to JR in the end?

  • Dimple

    Hey can anyone tell me that at last is jb and hyesong reunite

  • autumnleaf

    Boo! I wanted more JBxHaesung scenes! Rubik couple forever! <3

  • fides21


  • JB<3HS

    What happened to JB and hae sung?Plz tell us.We want to know ^^

  • JB<3

    What happened to JB?Tell us.

  • Niluxe

    what the hell is happen at the end?

  • nickbabe :”)

    i want me and jb :”)
    together :D

  • Kim Jisoo

    Yoojin and Rian <3

  • tisa

    i’m the only person on earth who watch dream high 2 on 2014 but i want yujin-haesung