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SBS’s drama series Salaryman Chohanji has released a promo music video (MV) with the theme song of Evergreen Tree (상록수). The title is also romanized as Sang Rok Soo. The Evergreen Tree is one of the classic song sang by Yang Hee Eun (양희은), one of the favorite female singer in Korea from the 1970s.

The Evergreen Tree is one of the de-facto anthem for the pro-democracy protesters of the 1980s. The song was written by Kim Min Ki, with the lyric expressing social pains and struggle of public in musical notes. Evergreen Tree is the favorite song for late South Korean president Roh Moo Hyun, who was known as one of the freedom fighter when South Korea is still an authoritarian state. The song was sang in his memorial service in 2009.

Evergreen Tree is aptly used in the Salaryman Chohanji music video that shows the spectacular grand scenes of war battlefield which signifies the fighting and struggling of working class wage-earners.

Salaryman Chohanji’s Evergreen Tree (상록수) MV

Evergreen Tree (상록수) Lyric (with Romanization Pronunciation)

저들의 푸르른 솔잎을 보라
jeo-deul-ui pu-leu-leun sol-ip-eul bo-la
돌보는 사람도 하나 없는데
dol-bo-neun sa-lam-do ha-na eob-neun-de
비바람불고 눈보라쳐도
bi-ba-lam-bul-go nun-bo-la-chyeo-do
온누리 끝까지 맘껏 푸르다
on-nu-li kkeut-kka-ji mam-kkeot pu-leu-da
철없고 쓰리던 지난날들도
cheol-eob-go sseu-li-deon ji-nan-nal-deul-do
다시는 다시는 오지 말라고
da-si-neun da-si-neun o-ji mal-la-go
땀흘리리라 깨우치리라
ttam-heul-li-li-la kkae-u-chi-li-la
거칠은 들판에 솔잎되리라
geo-chil-eun deul-pan-e sol-ip-doe-li-la
우리들 가진것 비록 적어도
u-li-deul ga-jin-geot bi-lok jeok-eo-do
손에 손맞잡고 눈물흘리네
son-e son-mad-jab-go nun-mul-heul-li-ne
우리나갈길 멀고 험해도 깨치고 나아가
u-li-na-gal-gil meol-go heom-hae-do kkae-chi-go na-a-ga
깨치고 나아가 끝내이기리라
kkae-chi-go na-a-ga kkeut-nae-i-gi-li-la

Evergreen Tree (상록수) Lyric English Translation

Look at the lush pine needles on the field
Although no one tends to them
Even when hit by rain, wind and snowstorm
The ground remain verdant to the end
The past days of despair and pain
Do not ever come back again
I shall shed blood, I shall awaken
I shall become the pine needle of the rugged field
Although we do not have much
With hand in hand, we shed tears
Although our road is long way to go and even precipitous
We shall overcome and be victorious