Flower Boy Lee Min Ho is Jung Bae of 1998’s Choonpoong Clinic

The photos of child actor Lee Min Ho during his appearance in Soonpoong Clinic was reveled.

During the MBC’s “A Pleasant Day” broadcast on January 11th, 2012, Lee Min Ho said, “I am child star of Soonpoong Clinic.”

Currently, Lee Min Ho is appearing on MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” as one member of the flower boys quartet, he is talented, but is not valued by the kind, and also does not get the love he wants.

Producer said the face of Lee Min Ho changed a lot, many people does not recognize he was the child actor of Soonpoong Clinic 14 years ago.

At the same time, Lee Min Ho made public the cute photos of Jung Bae, his role in the drama as child actor. In the photo, he is wearing a hat with a smile on the face. The cute expression and handsome outlook excite the heart of female fans.

Lee Mon Ho is the 12th batch of Chung Ang University’s undergraduate in 2012 said, “I still have deficiency in acting, so I am learning from seniors.”

The “A Pleasant Day” program on the day also revealed some behind the scene photos on the set of The Sun and the Moon.

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