In the episode 14 of the MBC drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun, Wol regains her past memory under high anticipation of viewers. In the same episode, all scenes, no matter it’s the secret investigation by Hong Kyu Tae, or Lee Hwon is about to summon Jang Nok Young for face to face talking, or the prophecy by Jang Nok Young, pointing to the drama will enter the phase of deciphering the truth of the death of crown princess starting from episode 15. On the other hand, the return of Yeon Woo’s memory, the forbearing moon (Wol) will also uses her own way to start the revenge plan, and uses the love of Yeon Woo to embrace the sun.

Foreshadowing Hint on Plot Development 1: The leads for Hong Kyu Tae to solve the case increasingly clear, the truth of the case almost certain

In the episode 14, the representative of Sungkyunkwan scholars in those years, the important person that the king used to restart the investigation on the cause of the death of Yeon Woo, Hong Kyu Tae, discovered the important clue that the body temperature of Yeon Woo does not change after passing away, and after his own experiment on corpse, he came to conclusion that Yeon Woo was certainly not dead. In the future plot development, Hong Kyu Tae who successfully launched a campaign for crown prince will definitely once again make contribution to the king, revealing the truth of the case.

Foreshadowing Hint on Plot Development 2: Prophecy by state shaman of Seongsucheong Jang Nok Young that tragic struggle will be staged

In episode 14, state shaman Jang Nok Young said a prophecy with significant meaning, “After experiencing the change in the sky, all things on earth will back in place, will soon stir up terror and bloody. Nobody can avoid it.” Suggesting the general trend for future plot development after the events of solar eclipse and regaining of memory by Wol the occurred in the episode, raising the curtain for bloody imperial palace and political struggle that nobody can escape. While Jang Nok Young who personally involved in the case of crown princess, starts to call Wol whom she never gave a name for last 8 years as “miss,” and tells the true words and shaman’s prediction and advice to Wol for the first time. This also indicates that in the battle that follows, she will be the faithful backing of Wol, even sacrifices herself for Wol in order for salvation.

Foreshadowing Hint on Plot Development 3: From forbearing moon to sun embracing moon, the revenge by Wol will be focus and clue for the remaining episodes

The regain of memory by Yeon Woo, becoming the major turning point of Wol’s personality, also let Han Ga In who received criticism in her acting in her first 8 episodes (implicit the 8 years Yeon Woo disappeared) to have outbreak in acting. When Jang Nok Young told her when visiting her in prison, “Miss will have other hardships in future, defend what, abandon what, the only person who knows the answer is you yourself. So don’t look for answer outside, find the answer in your own heart. No matter facing with what facts, please remember that you’re the person stronger than anyone else, your wisdom will lead you to the correct choice, and your strong will will make you win. Soon the truth will unveil itself, all the things lie in your hand.” Implying the imminent return of Yeon Woo’s memory, and also indicates that in the subsequent struggle, the last powerhouse and winner is ultimately Wol.