The tumbling adaptive phase of crown prince Park Yoochun for modern era made audience burst into laughter.

In the episode 2 of SBS’ Rooftop Prince broadcast on March 22nd, 2012, Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun) who is the crown prince of Joseon Dynasty but accidentally traveled to modern era stirs up a lot of jokes because of too many things that he has never seen.

Lee Gak saw a female student is eating ramen in the convenience store. He who is hungry walks into the convenience store, and ‘decrees’ the shop assistants to hand over ramen, forcing audience to roll in the aisle. In addition, Lee Gak and the trio who temporarily live in house of Park Ha (Han Ji Min) also stir up a lot of trouble. Not knowing how to open the bottle lid and pull open with brute force, and scare out of the wits with archery scene on TV. Besides, after listening the sounds of toys and electric cooker, begin to ‘slaughter,’ turning everything upside down.

And the audience is praising the second episode, commented, “Always worry what trouble they will come up with next, but still quite happy,” “Watch the episode completely in laughter” and so on.

Rooftop Prince is competing with other dramas by virtue of humor. If the humor cannot be produced properly, it will only make people feel of been childish. But the scenes from episode 2 reveal the skills of screenwriter, increasing the expectations towards future development.