Minho, the member of South Korean pop boy group SHINee, and Taeyeon, the member of South Korean pop girl group, Girls Generation (SNSD) are staging a near-kiss scene in episode 3 of SBS sitcome Salamander Guru and Shadow Operation Team (Salamander Guru and the Gangs) broadcast on February 10th, 2012.

In Salamander Guru and Shadow Operation Team, Kim Tae Yeon is playing the role of granddaughter of a tycoon. When Taeyeon is escaping from the window to escape the political marriage, accidentally smashes Minho who is doing a survey under the window. In the delicate atmosphere of almost lips touching lips, Taeyeon falls in love in first sight to Minho. In order to win the heart of still Minho, Taeyeon is rolling the tongue when speaking, pretending to be cute, squinting eyes, smiling, acting coquettishly. They even go on street dating.

Min Ho is grateful to the special cameo appearance of Tae Yeon, “To me, this is a great encouragement. Tae Yeon has to star in the CBS talk show and the Paris premiere, the schedule is very busy, yet she still need to shoot overnight here, and participated in several filming, I really thank her.”

Producer also stressed, "Taeyeon challenges the acting for the first time, but performed very maturely, the lines and acting are impeccable. The debut of Tae Yeon, letting Minho and all male production crews have more vigor than ever."

In addition, in addition to Taeyeon, BEAST member Yong Jun-hyung and Infinite member L are also making guest appearance in episode 3.