Glory Jane Casts

Glory Jane Director Ensures A Day Rest & 4 Hours Sleep to Casts

In the informal press roundtable for Glory Jane held in the evening of November 3rd, 2011, the director Lee Jung Sup was asked about the comment of “cast actors who don’t run away” for his drama he made during a public press conference held in October. The statement caused quite an uproar and many people is connecting it to Han Ye Seul and Spy Myeongwol incident back in August.

He clarified on his statement, “I didn’t mean to refer to any specific actor. There are actors who cry and run away from the set because of the hard schedule. I was referring to them; I wasn’t targeting any particular actor.”

When asked by reporter if the filming schedule of the drama is hectic, do the actors able to follow? Director Lee said, “This is the reality of making drama in Korea. Unless the way Korean dramas are produced changes in a groundbreaking way, difficult situations will be repeated over and over again.”

Glory Jane Casts

Lee continued, “When filming TV series, the tradition has been strong – all night shooting, 7 days a week shooting, separate shooting. But in my case, I make it a rule to only film for six days per week and no overnight filming.”

He explained that a day of rest will help the filming, “The whole day of rest can be used to prepare lines and recover energy, this is the care I give to actors. Although normally I don’t allow overnight shooting, but if required, I will ensure that actors and actresses have at least 4 hours of sleep. Although there is still many filming environment that provides this conditions, but at least provides appropriate level of rest to actors, then the filming will be more relaxing.”

Lee thanked his actors in conclusion, “The drama has so many scenes which are hard on physical such as scenes that have to run or roll. But I’m thankful that, whether it’s because of their great physique or personalities, they’re putting in all their effort.”





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