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Glory Jane Episode 1 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis Summary of Glory Jane (aka Glorious Jaein or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 1

Young Kwang and In Woo get into brawl when Young Kwang is provoked by In Woo. In the end, Young Kwang is fired from the team into second liner. Young Kwang who is now in secondary team is warned by trainer to perform or else he will be fired.

Young Kwang who have failed to hit the ball for many times, eventually hit the ball with full force, successfully run the bases, but he falls down and hit the head. At the same time at another competition venue, In Woo is also hit by ball and fall down.

Young Kwang recalls his experience during young age that explained why he insists on playing baseball. When he went to birthday part of the president with his father, he met with Jae In and In Woo. Because he accidentally made dirty the cloth of In Woo with the cake, he was requested for a baseball competition. Young Kwang who did not know about baseball had to agree, but he was hit by In Woo on the body. The sulky Young Kwang endured until the end, and finally managed to hit the ball and ran the bases.

Jai In treated the injury of Young Kwang, who franked that this was the first time he played baseball, and Jae In praised him that he can hit at the first time is a true talent. Young Kwang gave her baseball to Jae In as gift.

Jae In’s mother received call that informed her Jae In’s father had met an accident. She left with Jae In hurriedly, but while on the way the car turned over. Jae In was threw out of the car, but was not discovered by the rescue team. The accident of Jae In’s father was actually created by In Woo’s father. In Woo’s father committed a crime and Jae In’s father requested him to surrender. While on the way to prosecutor’s office, In Woo’s father reneged, he pulled the steering wheel, causing the car to drop into water. Although In Woo’s father pulled one person together with him out of water, but the person is Young Kwang’s father who was the driver, and Jae In’s father was drown.

Knowing that the return of Jae In does not help his business, although Jae In had been found, In Woo’s father still want Young Kwang’s father who knew the inside story to send Jae In to convent. Young Kwang’s father felt guilty, but because of coercion of his boss, he had to follow instruction. Jae In lost some memory due to the accident, and Young Kwang’s father wanted her to be sure to remember his name before leaving her.

Glory Jane Episode 1 Preview Trailer

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