Glory Jane Episode 2 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis Summary of Glory Jane (aka Glorious Jaein or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 2

In Woo’s father looks at the gift box previously gave by Jae In’s father for luckiness which was returned by prosecutor. He threw key bracelet that inside the box away at that time which was then picked up by a bugger.

After 17 years, two baseball players Young Kwang and In Woo injures and sends to hospital. but In Woo is a star sports player and is giving priority care by hospital, and Young Kwang is ignored. When Young Kwang is about to fall down he keep shouting “Jae In,” Jae In takes hold of him and asks for doctor despite objection from chief nurse. Doctor immediately sends Young Kwang for surgery, and praises Jae In.

Young Kwang asks for the name of Jae In, though he feels the name sounds familiar, but he doesn’t recognize Jae In whom he used to love in first sight. And doctor asks Young Kwang to rest for 2 months, of which trainer tell he will definitely be sacked if he is not improving by then.

Young Kwang’s father visits In Woo in hospital, initially hope to beg him to let Young Kwang stays in the baseball team, but he doesn’t say it out. When coming out, he meets Young Kwang who tailed him. Young Kwang is angry that his father is pleading In Woo, and later goes to fight with In Woo about it, which is stopped by Jae In. Young Kwang keeps disregards Jae In despite she had saved his life, deeply hurt her.

In Woo’s father and uncle comes to hospital, and a bugger who insisted on entering the same lift was beaten. Jae In who see him helps him to find doctor and even pay for his medical fee. Upon rushing to leave, she bumps into Young Kwang who sneaked out, breaking his ribs. When scolded by Young Kwang, Jae In tells him she is his fan.

After work, Jae In meets with the bugger in the hall. The bugger gives Jae In three wishes, which Jae In says is to meet with family again, to be excellent nurse just like Florence Nightingale, to meet with real love to marry and create happy family. The bugger gives her a bracelet, and tells her that the bracelet will help her to fulfill her wishes.

Young Kwang gets to know from a nurse that Jae In didn’t manage to take her nurse exam as she donated the RH-O blood to Young Kwang, causing her to faint and overslept the next day, missing the exam schedule.

The nun brings a box to Jae In, which contains all the letters sent by father. At this time, Seoul is raining heavily, and Young Kwang’s father looks at his watch. Jae In opens up the box, and discovers that it’s letter from Young Kwang’s father.

Glory Jane Episode 2 Preview Trailer

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