Glory Jane (Man of Honor) Episode 12 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary of Glory Jane (aka Glorious Jaein or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 12

Because of the unexpected behavior of drunk Young Kwang, Young Kwang and Jae In usher in the awkward morning.

On the other hand, in order to regain the sample of lost climbing shoe, Jae In participates in a product launch conference of a new product as lost but not the kernel in order to obtain samples of climbing shoes, and to participate as identity of assistant, however, she accidentally witnesses In Woo who suffered the panic disorder at the venue.

Young Kwang who was humiliated by Seo Jae Myung does not give up, and goes to find Seo Jae Myung again, to do a final head-to-head battle with him.

Glory Jane Episode 12 Preview Trailer

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