Glory Jane (Man of Honor) Episode 4 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary of Glory Jane (aka Glorious Jaein or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 4

While Kim In Bae endures all the chaos and confusion due to appearance of Jae In, and after knowing the fact that Jae In saves the life of his son, in order to redeem the wrongdoing that been done all along, he decides to restore Jae In back to her original position.

On the other hand, after knowing that Jae In is still alive, Seo Jae Myung instructs In Chul to bring him Kim In Bae and Jae In. Kim In Bae who has a hunch that he will face with danger choose to contact with prosecutor Oh. The driver Kim wants to confess everything to the prosecutor, but he is caught by Seo In Chul. Kim In Bae attempts to escape but meets with accident and passed away. Seo Jae Myung blames In Chul for not been able to catch his driver Kim In Bae, and beats him violently.

Because of the usury is harassing Young Kwang to repay the debt, Young Kwang has no choice but to appeal so that he can return to the baseball team. But unexpectedly the request ends with his retirement from the team.

Seo Jae Myung engages the the top sales person in the company Heo Young Do to train In Woo, but Heo Young Do demands that he will only teach the person selected through open selection. Heo Young Do who was originally a baseball player has been silently paying attention to Young Kwang. He plans to put Young Kwang into the trial.

Jae In pools the money to replay the debt of Kim’s family, with one condition, that they will allow her to stay with Kim’s family.

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