Glory Jane (Man of Honor) Episode 6 Synopsis Summary & Preview Video

Synopsis Summary of Glory Jane (aka Glorious Jaein or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 6

Young Kwang reports the kidnap of Jae In to police and sees the process of kidnapping through CCTV.

Jae In bumps into In Chul when attempting to escape, and seeks help from him. In Chul faints due to loss of blood. Jae In carries him away and reports to police, who comes just in time. Jae In who is finally out of the crisis has instead became the savior who saves the In Chul’s life by sending him to hospital.

Jae In’s mother is waking up, although doctor says she is still lacking of consciousness.

In Chul wakes up and is shocked that it’s Jae In who saves him.

Due to pressure from Seo Jae Myung, In Woo announces his retirement.

On the other hand, Young Kwang fails in his job interview everywhere. He cannot bears to see Park Goon Ja who fights alone for the liveliness of the family, and decides to join the trading company.

In Chul goes to find Jae In, and asks her to be personal nurse for In Woo for 2 months, with compensation of KRW $10,000,0000.

In Woo gives up on himself after been denied baseball by his father, and the father is getting crazy over his actions.

Seo Jae Myung double confirms with In Chul on the nurse to take care of In Woo. In Chul and Kyung Joo is plotting with take over Jae Myung position and thus finding Jae In who supposedly 50% share in the company.

Jae In goes to work as the nurse for In Woo, and Young Kwang sends out the application form to join the trading company. Cha Hoon Joo reports that Young Kwang has sent in participant details, and the plan starts.

Glory Jane Episode 6 Preview Trailer

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