Glory Jane (Man of Honor) Episode 7 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary of Glory Jane (aka Glorious Jaein or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 7

Jae In goes to the house of In Woo to work as his personal nurse to cure his illness. In Woo asks if they should start from exciting kissing or intimate contact between male or female. Jae In is angry and suspect that it’s his way to chase people away, but decides to endure for just two months for 10,000,000 Korean won. In Woo is suffering from tic disorder when his father calls him to request him to participate in the interview of Great Trading Company, and is noticed by Jae In.

In order for Jae In who is employed by In Chul to work for In Woo, In Woo demands one condition from Jae In, requesting her to submit resume to the great trading company together with him. Jae In reports to In Chul about this, and In Chul tells her that he chose her to take care of In Woo because she can moved him, so she should be able to move In Woo too, thus she should join the company too to take care of him.

To return the money borrowed by Jae In, Young Kwang eventually submits the resume to great trading company.

After twists and turns, the three persons put forward the first step in the great trading company by submitting their resume.

Waiting for them is the unpredictable interview evaluation by Heo Young Do group. Heo Young Do decides that there will not be written test, applicants are directly into oral interview by him, and he requests 10,000 bricks from Seo Jae Myung.

Park Goon Ja is developed a new recipe for the noodle shop. Young Kwang is tasting it out, but feels happy about it. Jae In looks at the happy mother and son, and shows sense of admiration.

Kim Kyung Joo is asking Seo In Chul why Jae In can find to her family. In Chul tells her the hint that Kim In Bae was harmed by Seo Jae Myung, and asks her to help him to draw Jae In in and revenge against Jae Myung.

Jae In’s mother finally wakes up after 17 years. She is in deep sorrow after been told by prosecutor that her daughter has passed away.

Kim Young Kwang, Yoon Jae In and Seo In Woo go to the interview venue separately, but are surprised to meet each other there. Young Kwang wants Jae In to give up the interview, but she refused as she has promised to In Woo.

The landlord of the noodle house comes to collect rent from Park Goon Ja, but is chased away after given 2 months notice to pay the rent or move away.

Young Kwang, Jae In and In Woo are assigned into the same group 13. Heo Young Do wants the job applicants to collect the number of bricks that they think they want to earn annually into the bag within 5 minutes, with each brick represents 1 million Korean won annual salary.

Next, Heo Young Do requests job applicants to carry their own bag with bricks to the rooftop at 33rd floor via stairs, and people who drops the bricks, finds other to help or does not make it to the rooftop will be disqualified. Most applicants fail, with only 7 successful applicants, with the last group of Young Kwang, Jae In and In Woo remaining.

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  2.  Avatar

    very good drama , it will be maybe the best drama for this year ,  as i see so far , it’s have everything needed to make an amazing drama , so , from now , MAN OF  HONOR ,  stay  to the place  , a worth drama , don’t miss it and i hope you , we’ll enjoyed it all means all korean drama fan ,  it’s a must see , keep on watching and you may be addicted too early that you did’nt  excepted .    

  3. loyalfan_1 Avatar

    Read the sypnosis and it seem that this drama is interesting and exciting to watch. Can’t wait to see Lee Jin acting cuz she sings pretty well when she was with FinKL.

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