Glory Jane (Man of Honor / Young Love Jae In) Final Episode 24 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for final episode of Glory Jane (aka Young Love Jae In or pka Man or Honor) – Episode 24

Jae In quits from Great Trading Company to returns to her original profession of a nurse, and she wants to prepare for national nursing examination next year.

Jae In has used up and met the first two wishes out of three given to her, and she decides the third wish to be let her finds a true love.

Young Kwang goes to find Jae In in the hospital, asking if she still believes that he can hit home run. Jae In says she believes because she is his number one fan. And Young Kwang proposes to Jae In to marry with him.

Young Kwang resigns to Heo Young Do to return to baseball. Yeo Young Do reveals that all the members of his team in Great Trading Company is also from the Great Dragons baseball team.

After proper training with the help of Heo Young Do, Young Kwang eventually manages to hit a home run, although Jae In is late for the competition. Kyung Joo passes the evident of In Chul embezzling the fund to In Woo, and In Chul is arrested by prosecutors.

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