Kim Soo Hyun is winning praises with his excellent acting in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and now the graduation photos of Kim Soo Hyun is becoming a hot topic.

Recently on late January 2012, the Kim Soo Hyun’s high school graduation photos been published on various online community boards. In the photos, the appearance of Kim Soo Hyun does not look much differences from his current appearance, with distinct facial features, and neat hairstyle.

Netizens who saw the photos said, “So handsome,” “Seems to already very popular at high school,” “The appearance is also first class,” and so on.

The photo of Kim Soo Hyun where he dressed like a woman that uploaded by him to his mini-blog also attracted people’s attention. The long shoulder-length hair shows the innocent atmosphere, becoming a hot topic.

Besides, The Moon that Embraces the Sun starring Kim Soo Hyun exceeded 30% in ratings, consistently gaining popularity.

via Hankooki


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  • anieros c. buchan

    i really can’t help but to take my breath away due to all the scenes that were really captivating..! hooray to all the cast! they were really excellent…especially when kim soo hyun cried……… dear heaven…. he’s still handsome despite his graving face….so nice!

    i love you kim soo hyun! mwuahhh!

  • monique

    moon embraces the sun captivated my heart so much<3 love the cast thumbs up to everyone who become part to this.