Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Ki Lovely Couple on the Set

Actress Ha Ji Won was making the atmosphere at the scene lively.

Ha Ji Won is currently filming MBC new Wednesday and Thursday The King 2 Hearts. On the set, she can make the atmosphere to be very lively.

The production team made ​​public several behind the scene photos from the shooting scene. In the photos, Han Ji Woon and Lee Seung Gi completed the task of becoming the ‘lovingly beautiful on the scene’ perfectly by virtue of happy flowery smile.

Once there is rest time without shooting, Ha Ji Woo and Lee Seung Gi will be joking funnily, taking photos in humorous poses. No matter it’s due to NG or jokes with the producers, the laughter of the two persons have made the atmosphere of the scene very harmonious.

The look of Ha Ji Won happily hidden behind Jung Man Sik, and suddenly posed a V sign to the camera while filming is very cute.

With such an harmonious atmosphere on the scene, the drama The King 2 Hearts that succeeding The Moon Embracing the Sun is highly anticipated.


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