Actress Ha Ji-won was exposed recently to have signed the cornea donation agreement years ago.

According to an official of the Korean Organ Donation Management Center official, Ha Ji-won came to the Organ Donation Management Center in January 2005 to sign the cornea donation agreement. The official said that Ha Ji-won used to suffer eye injury while filming, almost become blind. At that time, a prison inmate sent a letter to Ha Ji Won, expressing his willingness to donate his own cornea to her, this greatly touched Ha Ji Won, and had also made her has the idea to donate the corneas.

It’s reported that when Ha Ji Won signed the cornea donation agreement, she said that she hopes to pay back the love of fans through this method, and in the future, she would also encouraging friends and relatives to sign the cornea donation agreement.

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji-won is currently starring in the MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama The King 2 Hearts, and the sports themed movie, Korea, she starred in will also be released in coming May.

via MyDaily