On April 3rd, 2011, Ha Ji Won who is currently starring in TV series The King 2 Hearts revealed in the KBS variety show Win Win that she used to debut as a singer, attracting viewer’s attention.

Ha Ji Won said frankly that she does not want the singer. When asked by the host why she became a singer, Ha Ji-won said, “I was cheated by the president of the company at that time. That song is an OST of the movie co-starring with Kim Seung Woo. In order to promote the movie, I probably starred in two music shows, but really didn’t like it.”

Another host said that he used to saw Ha Ji Won performing as a singer. Ha Ji Won said, “I hate the person who talked about my singer past the most.” The words provoked the studio to laughter.

Currently, Ha Ji Won is starring in The King 2 Hearts with Lee Seung Gi.