The married actress Han Ga In, who become popular again after starred in MBC drama series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun“, recently displayed her attractive charm through new pictorials shot in Croatia, Europe.

When shooting the pictorials for fashion brand Helmut Lang, Han Ga In showed off the never seen before S-curve body figure. The clothing of the brand is known for generous cutting and imbalance design.

In the shooting, Han Ga In was showing a mysterious charm like the heroine in the detective novel with foreign city as the background, completely captivated the crew members and passer-by.

Especially when Han Ga In was wearing a black jacket revealing waist that made people associates with bikini, the shooting crews amazed at the attractive S-curve.

In addition, it was windy during the shooting, under the situation where it's hard even to open the eyes, Han Ga In instead made use of the wind to interpret even more attractive posture, amazed the staffs.

Netizens commented, "Made public the S-curve body figure for the first time since debut," "Is it 'Yeon Woo' in 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun'?" "Is that really the body of a married woman?" and so on.