Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi In Patient Gown Bury the Hatchet

Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi both wore the patient’s clothing and took selcas, confirming that they have ironed out their animosity.

Recently, Han Ji Min left a message on her Facebook, “Lovers’ clothes, ha ha ha,” and she uploaded the photos taken together with Jung Yoo Min. Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi played the role of biological sisters with all kind of conflicts and confrontations in SBS drama “Rooftop Prince“.

In the published photos, Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi were wearing the “lovers’ clothing”, putting on a variety of intimate posture. The most attractive is the “lovers’ clothing” wore by the two persons. It’s not other apparel, but hospital’s patient clothing. Even though the two peoples were wearing the clothing of patient, but self-luminous beauty is not less, really amazing.

Netizens commented, “I thought the hero of the Han Ji Min’s couple clothing is Park Yoochun!” “Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi wore couple clothing, so beautiful,” “Looks like very close,” “Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi are so beautiful” and so on.


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