Han Ji Won Performs Action Scenes Without Stunt Double

Han Ji Won transformed into the first female instructor for North Korea Special Forces, staging perfect action scenes.

In The King 2Hearts that broadcast after The Moon Embracing the Sun, Ha Ji Won is playing the role of legend-like female instructor Kim Hyang Ah, and Ha Ji Won is performing action scene again after Secret Garden.

In the drama, Ha Ji Won replaces injured colleague to participate in a freestyle fighting competition. In the competition, Ha Ji Woon looks to opponent with a sharp eyes’ expression, and easily subdues the opponent through excellent combat skill.

The action scene of Ha Ji Won has been completed on March 10th, 2012 at a studio in Gyeonggi-do. According to confirmation from the producer, Ha Ji Won did not use any stunt double, and she completed all the action scenes by herself without showing sign of tiredness, which took six to seven hours to shoot. Her spirit has infected many staff crews.

A representative from the production company, Kim Jong Hak Production said, “As an actress, Ha Ji Won surprised the staff crews by performing the action scenes professionally, did not slightly hesitated about the difficult action scenes. Do say tuned to the transformation of Ha Ji Won in the drama.

The King 2hearts premieres on March 21, 2012.





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