On March 15th, 2012, after the end of the drama, the official website for MBC popular TV series The Moon that Embraces the Sun published a photo with cast members and crew members together.

In the published photos, everybody, either staff or actor, looked very happy. On top of taking photo together, the official website also published several cute photos of male actors.

In addition, the producer said, “Thank you for supporting us during this period, do no leave us faraway after the end of drama, this is imperial decree,” sending the last message to the viewers.


  • JeolynU

    Love them! Miss them! Great feelings at all!

  • Joelyn

    The MOon Embracing The Sun ended,
    leaving me a strange endless sadness… Don’t know why! just feel sad &
    empty! Do I miss a drama! Funny! :((

    Now I am sitting here alone and listening Another Road of KSH. A little bit regretful…


    Now I know why KSH sings his single
    Another Road as a gift for his fans! Yes, this is why! We together went on the same journey during last
    3 months with best memories, so now it is very hard to say goddbye! But we have
    to… And we have to be on another road another way… But deep in my heart,
    there will be only TMETS the best drama ever!… Another way… goodbye and do
    not forget, guys!