Before 2012, how could SBS and KBS which always produce popular Korean drama series ever imagine that the first wave of peak ratings is taken by “The Moon that Embracing the Sun (TMTETS)” produced the defeated opponent for so many years, MBC? MBC used to be the best TV station that produced drama series, and used to produce some popular masterpieces such as “Miss Mermaid,” “Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace),” “My Name is Kim Sam Soon (My Lovely Samsoon)” and others, but in recent years, it faces a downturn.

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is the drama which has the highest ratings on debut for MBC in 4 years. It achieved the rating of 18% on the premiere episode on January 4th, 2012, and is highly sought after by netizens worldwide, which gives the drama a high mark. And the ratings of the drama has kept increasing, until episode 12, the AGN national ratings has soared to 37.1%, while AGB Seoul metropolitan area ratings has exceeded 41.7%. The drama not only essentially kills the competitors from other TV stations at the same time slot, it even beats all programs from all time slot in a week in term of ratings. With overall ratings for Korean drama series which generally low, the drama has become the “national masterpiece drama” that lives up to reputation.

The Sun and the Moon

Tip 1 for Following TMTETS – Have a valid heart that can endure sadism

The Moon that Embraces the Sun is adapted from the novel of the same name by author of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. In a dynasty where the king is just a figurehead, the drama tells the poignantly beautiful love story between king Lee Hwon who is regarded as the “sun” and Wol (“moon”) who is destined to be the queen. The drama is not related to history at all. Under the delicate shooting style, excellent production packaging, it’s a historical idol drama of true love in a complete mess.

Many viewers hold a “look around” mentality in the beginning, “but is addicted once watching, it’s definitely a drama that cannot rest in peace until watching to the end.” At the beginning of story, the future king Lee Hwon and the future queen Yeon Woo fall in love at first sight, but treacherous court officials resort to venomous scheme to break them up. After many years, they meet again, but because of various reasons, they can’t recognize each other. Thus, when will these two most loving souls in the dynasty recognize each other has become the impetus to follow the drama “even if waiting for a century.”

In addition to this “major torturing” main line that runs through the drama, there is also many “minor torturing” plots, memory loss, poisoning, torturing, pretending to die… various tear-jerking scenes take turn to appear on screen. Audience is tortured until on the one side holding the heart wanting to hit the TV, while on the other side, encourage each others on the forums that “next week will be better.” At the end of each episode, there is bound to leave the suspense, moreover the story is cut off as precise as the scalpel incision, so that the audience unable to stop.

Tip 2 for Following TMTETS – Prepare titanium glasses that not afraid of “shines”

Besides, the excellent actors in the drama also let the audience willingly adored. The actors in the drama are divided into two sets. The “Korea best child actors team” that is headed by Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung was response for the first part of the series, depicting the love story during childhood. Once the drama began, a bunch of handsome and beautiful young actors with superior acting skills firmly grasp the public attention, as if Shota and Lolita are shining into the eyes of viewers.

In the drama, Kim Yoo Jung who played the childhood time of Wol (Yeon Woo) has already had 9 years of acting experience, is widely regards the “successor of Moon Geun Young.” Only 13 years old this, she performed intelligently in the drama, the eyes moved efficaciously while looked around, telling the tenderness feelings. Many netizens said, “This year’s junior awards are none other than her.”

The performance of player of young Lee Hwon, Yeo Jin Goo, is comparable to Kim Yoo Jung. He not only showed the palpitating with excitement and apprehension of first love, he also performed touchingly the grief and sorrow of losing loved one, letting him becomes the perfect first love in the mind of mothers, “Seckill by a kid, this is the first time in my 30 years.” In addition, the other two small supporting actors Lee Min Ho and Lim Si Wan are also known as the “dark horse of young actors.”

Tip 3 for Following TMTETS – Standby effective cure for “Hwon” disease

Because Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo and other young actors performed too well in the first part, leading to after the adult actors took over in episode 6, the critical words of the audience has been unstoppable, “Han Ga In acting is not as good as Kim Yoo Jung, only know how to look on in despair!”… But all these cannot stop the ratings of the footsteps of the drama to move forward towards been the “masterpiece drama.”

And that the actor for adult Lee Hwon, Kim Soo Hyun, has become ubiquitous due to combination of outstanding appearance and excellent acting skills. His image of struggling and affectionate has captured countless women. Recently he was selected as the artist that one most wanted to confess to on Valentine’s Day in South Korea. Korean media said, “The Lee Hwon played by him has made the country infected with ‘Hwon’ disease.” His fee for advertising has also surged from 200 million Korean wons of 2011 to 400 million Korean wons in 2012. In addition, the drama’s theme song, insert song, ending song OSTs, took turn to make the ascent to the top of Korean music charts once launched.