After the “near nude” controversy in a scene of High Kick 3, the new revealing scenes shown on episode 8 of Hick Kick 3: The Short Leg Counterattack has been covered with smiley instead of obfuscated with mosaic.

In the scene, the creditor of Ahn Nae Sang is tracking down to the family again. Ahn Nae Sang is showering in the bathroom when creditor arrived. His wife Yoon Yoo Sun kicks open the locked door and pulls him out of the bathroom, where he runs out in nude, but falls and rolls on the floor. He supposed to reveal everything, but the nudity is covered with a big ugly smiling smiley face instead of the usual blurred mosaic.

Nude Scene in High Kick 3

Later in the show, Park Jin Hee is receiving treatment from Yoon Kye Sang on her buttock, but is hesistant to pull down her pant. Yoon Kye Sang said, “to a doctor, arm or back butt is all the same,” and Jin Hee decides to go ahead with the treatment, and pull down her pant. But no nude buttock to be seen though, not even in blurred, as the scene was also edited with a ugly smiling smiley face.

via Nate