Synopsis Summary for Episode 15 of Salaryman Chohanji (History of Salaryman)

At the request of Jin Shi Hwang, Woo Hee goes to chairman’s office holding a composition analysis table of the insulin, but without hearing what’s happening, Mo Ga In sends Woo Hee away in a haste.

Mo Ga Bi puts makeup onto dead Chairman Jin and brings out of the computer, bumps into Yeo Chi in the elevator.

Mo Ga Bi goes to great pains to calmly rewrite the torn will, and timely deliver it to lawyer Park.

Meanwhile, Yeo Chi tells Yoo Bang the words of Chairman Jin Shi Hwang, that he has the idea to make the person who wins the contest to become his grandson-in-law, as she tries to probe and peek into the heart of Yoo Bang.

After the news of the death of Chairman Jin announced, the directors do not agree to appointment of Yeo Chi as chairman, instead want to appoint Hang Woo as chairman.

Jang Ryang tells Yoo Bang the fact that Yeo Chi pleads chairman to invest, he hopes that Yoo Bang can be the partner of Yeo Chi.

Han Shin deliberately causes the car of Hang Woo to breakdown mid way, and at this time Jang Ryang arranges Yoo Bang to appear at a extraordinary shareholders meeting. The words of Yoo Bang clutches the soft spots of shareholders, making them decided to call board of directors meeting to re-vote again.

Just when Bun Kwae about to announce the result of the vote, the lawyer rushes in, saying that he has a will of chairman Jin.

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