The sexy scene of actress Hong Soo Ah in naked bath recently been made public.

Hong Soo Ah is playing the role of Princess Mi Kang in KBS2TV drama Strong Colors (Steel True Colors), an installment in Dream Special series 2, which is broadcasting its episode 2 on April 1st, 2012. In the episode, Hong Soo Ah is staging a nude bath scene.

The naked bath scene was shot in mid March 2012 at outdoor set in Yongin’s Korean Folk Village. The scene was shot with the participation of director, lighting director and other key personnel.

In the scene, Hong Soo Ah exposed the long black hair and fair shoulders, and exuded feminist charm of mature sexy.

The side of Hong Soo Ah said, “The scene happened when Noh Chul Gi (Oh Man Suk) and Park Choong (Ko Myung Hwan) force attack when watching the beautiful and pure bath scene, will bring surprise to audience.”