The pretty actress Hong Soo Hyun is wasting no time to show her femma fatale in the new SBS’s TV series Salaryman Cho Han Ji. At some scenes, Hong Soo Hyun is wearing sexy fashion which reveals as much as her fair and smooth skin as possible, and shows her prefect body figure.

SBS has released several still images of Hong Soo Hyun in hot pant and bra top while exercising, showing her belly button and exuding her sexual attraction and sexy appeal.

Previously, at the end of episode 3 of Salaryman, Hong Soo Hyun is appearing in a imaginative bath scene which is arousing. In the bath scene, Hong Soo Hyun is undressing to the camera by taking off her bathrobe, and then showers nakedly, though viewers can only watch down to her beautiful shoulders. Check out the video below.