Hyorin Tops Female K-Pop Idols Singing Skill Analysis

Recently, the result of “ranking chart of K-pop female groups singing ability” evaluated by three experts was released on the Internet, attracted the attention of the fans.

The published report is very systematic, and includes professional, scores for a variety of aspects and other detailed items.

The evaluation was only done based on the performance on TV or radio live stage, and divided into the ability to convey lyric (feeling), voice tone, voice range, voice lung power (breathing), rhythm or tempo, and skill (performance), where the scores are listed on a table.

The female singers in the overall top 20 rankings as follow:

1. SISTAR’s Hyorin
2. Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri
3. BEG’s JeA
4. IU
5. SNSD Girls Generation’s Taeyeon
6. G.NA
7. f(x)’s Luna
8. SISTAR’s Soyou
9. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung
10. 5dolls’ Chanmi
11. 4minute’s Heo Ga-yoon
12. 2NE1’s Bom
13. After School’s Raina
14. Secret’s Song Jieun
15. BEG’s Narsha
16. T-ara’s Soyeon
17. Wonder Girls’ Sunye
18. miss A’s Suzy
19. Brave Girls’ Eun Young
20. miss A’s Fei

The reserve candidates include BEG’s Gain, Girl’s Day’s So Jin, A Pink’s Jung Eunji, miss A’s Min, Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and others.

At the same time, the report also analyzed the characteristics of Hyorin, Lee Hae Ri, and the groups of BEG (Brown Eyed Girls), 2NE1, SISTAR, Davichi and others.

Netizens commented, “Although it is a subjective evaluation, but analysis is very systematic,” “To some extent there is a consensus” and etc.

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2 responses to “Hyorin Tops Female K-Pop Idols Singing Skill Analysis”

  1. Anon Avatar

    what a bullshit rating. 
    how is hyorin higher than haeri or jea?…she has horrible technique and she doesn’t emote all that well either though she does have great stage presence. also minkyung should have gotten higher than taeyeon and iu. and if they are including soloists, they should put in ailee (yeah i know she just debuted.but she’s better than iu. )and also what about jooyi or heeyoung or zhang li yin or the girls in the grace? and the rest of beg as well…
    ugh these rankings are always horrible.
    and i’m not even being biased or whatever. 

  2. Michaela Wylie Avatar

    I’m just surprised by how low Sunye is…glad to see Fei on this list…she does NOT get enough attention for her voice (although I think it’s better than Suzy’s >.<). Anyways, pretty good list, very systematic. Although I think that Jea should be 1 or 2, 3 is still really close. ^.^ Glad to see Soyu get props for her voice. :)

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