I'm Alive

I’m Alive

I'm Alive

Drama Title: I’m Alive
Korean Title: 나는 살아 있다
Romanization Pronunciation: Na-neun Sal-a Iss-da
Also Known As: I am Alive
Chinese Name: 我还活着
Japanese Name: 私は生きている
Genre: Horror
Episodes: 2 (2 episodes aired back to back)
Rating: 19 (stimulating theme and special effects with horrific scenes)
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 11 December 2011
Language: Korean
Air time: Sunday 11:50 PM

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Plot Summary

A horror drama about fighting with zombies after getting involved with them in a hospital after an accident.


Jung Sun Kyung (정선경) as Soo Yeon (수연)
Baek Do Bin (백도빈) as Jin Mo (진모)
Son Hee Soon (손희순) as Jeong Mi Ja (정미자)
Kim Ji Young (김지영) as Han Hye Seon (한혜선)
Park Choong seon (박충선) as Goo Deok Hyeon (구덕현)
Hong Geun Ha (홍근하) as Han Yeong Gi (한영기)
Lee Yeon Joo (이연주) as Yoo Na Hyeon (유나현)
Jun Byung Chul (전병철) as Won Tak (원탁)
Yoon Won Suk (윤원석) as Seong Hyeok (성혁)

Production Credits

Director: Yeo In Joon (여인준)
Screenwriter: Jo Gyoo Won (조규원)

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Official Behind the Scene (Making) Videos

I’m Alive Trailer

Watch online with English subtitle (not yet available).
Watch online with Chinese subtitle (not yet available).

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  2. Seecaudio Avatar

    After such a long time of broughtcasting can someone tell me why there are no Eng Subs yet?

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