Kim Jae Joong Kiss with Wang Ji Hye

Jaejoong and Ji Hye Kissed Before Holding Hand

In an interview on August 30th 2011, JYJ’s Jae Joong revealed his thought about the kiss scene with Wang Jihye that was shown in Protect the Boss episode 5 aired on August 17th. In the kiss scene, Cha Moo Won, played by Jaejoong, kissed Seo Na Yoon, an advertising executive played by Wang Ji Hye in the car. As the kiss scene happened between the couple, who were nicknamed “NaMu couple” unexpectedly, fans were taken by surprise and began expressing interest in how their relationship will develop.

Kim Jae Joong Kiss with Wang Ji Hye

Kim Jaejoong laughed and said: “Miss Ji-Hye and me have never even held hands before in the drama before we kissed. During the time of the filming, I put myself to the task of acting by conversing comfortably with Miss Jihye. I was actually really surprised to see the passionate reactions from so many fans after that kiss scene was aired.”

He added: “Because of the kiss scene, I begin to think that even though Muwon’s heart likes Noh Eunsul, he still has feelings for Nayun. So I wish that Muwon can have a love line with either one of Eunsul or Nayun. I’ll exam the script and continue to work hard to turn Moo Won into a character that both I and the viewers want.”

Kim Jaejoong Interview for Protect the Boss

In addition, Kim Jaejoong also exposed a tiny part of his upper body in recent airing, and thus became the talk of the town again. He explained: “In that scene, when I changed my shirt, there was a part where the shoulders were to be exposed, but because there hadn’t been a lot of preparation (my upper body) was revealed for the slightest of moments.”






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