Protect the Boss Bracelet of Jaejoong

Jaejoong’s ‘Department Head Bracelet’ Becomes A Hot Topic

The ‘department head bracelet’ of Cha Mu Won (acting by Kim Jaejoong) shown in recent episode of Protect the Boss aired on August 24th, has became a hot topic among the fans of drama.

Jaejoong Wearing Bracelet

In the drama scene, department head Cha Mu Won presented the ‘department head bracelet’ to No Eun Sul (acting by Choi Kang Hee), and reminisced about the painful memories behind the bracelet he owned. As the only article left to him by his deceased father, the bracelet is a piece of jewelry that means a lot to him. As such, the giving of the bracelet to Eun Seol added an interesting twist to the plot of the drama.

Protect the Boss Bracelet

After the episode aired, viewers began calling the bracelet that Kim Jaejoong wore the ‘department head bracelet’. The bracelet has a unique design of white gold and a black leather strap, and is said to fit Cha Mu Won’s image very well.

Protect the Boss Bracelet of Jaejoong

The bracelet is designed by Mucha, the company that specialized in producing bracelet. “It’s a distinctive bracelet that incorporates a former watch design. With diamonds and natural rubies, the bracelet is made out of leather. The ‘C’ logo in the middle represents the Cha family.” Explained the company.






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