JB and Jiyeon Hug Tightly

The lead actor in the KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama “Dream High 2,” JB, is grasping the heart of female audience with handsome handsome appearance and outstanding talent, while T-ara member of Jiyeon is also praised for stable acting.

On February 12nd, 2012, the production team released the stills of which JB and Jiyeon hug.

The scene of which the two persons hug has already been broadcast in the next episode preview aired at the end of episode 4. The fervor embrace has triggered the speculation on their past relationship. It is reported that during the shooting of the scene, JB was involved affectionately, the expression and action was done accurately, winning the applause of all crews on the set.

Beginning from this hugging, the love lines between Lian (Jiyeon) and JB, Hye Sung (Kang So Ra) and Yoo Jin (Jung Jinwoon) also officially start.

via TVDaily


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