The affectionate past of Jiyeon and JB was revealed. They display the cute kiss and other intimate actions that have no different with normal lover.

Ryan (Park Jiyeon) and JB (JB) recall their good relationship in the KBS 2TV drama Dream High 2 that broadcast on February 13th, 2012.

On the day, Ryan and JB who form an ambiguous and vague love line recall their meeting at the marine corps barrack. Although they always have arguments recently which looks like having a bad relationship, but in the past is they are a good friend and lover. In the past, Ryan and JB used to go to marine corps barrack just like present. They find the treasure that hidden by each other, spending a pleasant time. At this time JB suddenly kisses Ryan on her face, and they’re at a loss due to shyness.

They who remember the happiness of the past are temporarily immersed in the excitement. But soon they start to hide the feelings for each other, and stretch up the face.

via Newsen