It would be so happy if production team has such an actress.

Jeon Hye Bin is currently filming JTBC television series “Queen Insoo,” and she prepared delicious food for the staff crews.

It’s reported that during the filming of Queen Insoo on April 1st, 2012, actress Jeon Hye Bin and her family mobilized to make a variety of food to entertain more than 80 crew members. An official in charge revealed that Jeon Hye Bin and her family have prepared more than 10 kind of dishes and snacks such as leeks barbecue, pickles, salad, and they started to stay up all night the night before to prepare the food and drink.

On the day, staff crews who have working hard relished the tasty food prepared by Jeon Hye Bin, and also did not forget to express sincere gratitude to Jeon Hye Bin’s family.

Netizens who learned of the news said, “Stayed up all night to prepare the food, really can feel the sincerity,” “Deeply touched,’ “When will personally prepare the food again?” “Woman like Jeon Hye Bin is really fascinating,” and so on. Netizens deeply praised Jeon Hye Bin for her special treatment to crews.

via Nate