Jo Jung Suk Praises Lee Seung Gi as Positive Energy

Jo Jung Su revealed his thoughts on cooperation with Lee Seung Gi.

On May 2nd, 2012, MBC drama “The King 2hearts” published an interview clip of Jo Jung Suk who is playing the role of Eun Si Kyung on the official website.

In the interview, Jo Jung Suk made no secret of his praise for Lee Seung Gi who plays the role of Lee Jae Ha, and at the same time, expressed his satisfaction in co-starring with him.

Jo Jun Suk said, “First impression of Lee Seung Gi was very good, and he is a very positive and optimistic person, perhaps due to influence from his positive energy, the emotional exchange during acting also very smooth.”

Then, Jo Jun Suk said, “In acting, Lee Seung Gi has great intellect and strong feelings. Acting together with him is really comfortable, very great.”

Watch the interview video clip:


2 responses to “Jo Jung Suk Praises Lee Seung Gi as Positive Energy”

  1. Yasmin Gümüs Avatar

    Lee Seung Gi…..get greater every ep^^ but its the first time i enjoy the second lead too; Jo Jung Suk …shining actor.   FİGHTING   TK2H !!!!

  2. Magmag Avatar

    Yap! I like him together everytime he’s with the princess. 

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